Valentyn Lysenko – stylish banduryst

Валентин Лысенко    Valentyn Lysenko is a stylish bandura player. Valentyn Lysenko is one of the most outstanding instrumentalists on the territory of the CIS, and many music critics called him “a true revolutionist in the contemporary art,” and not for nothing, because Valentyn managed to do something that nobody did. He made the bandura a true modern instrument, and the bandura player- a brilliant artist, who is able to leave an unforgettable impression.

Valentyn Lysenko is a recognizable artist, in 2009 he became a finalist for the show “Ukraine Got Talent” on TV STB, and in the 2010 he became the star of  Pervyi Channel in Russia after taking part in the finals of the show “Minuta Slavy”(Minute of Fame).   Valentine is a demanded artist, who has in his repertoire almost all areas of music – from the hottest hits of 80′s to the ultra dancing tracks. From the first sounds of his performances bandura player Valentyn Lysenko fascinates, attracts audience to his talent, and his instrument is fallen in love by many people! His music energizes and excites the soul. Musical performances of the stylish bandura player Valentine Lysenko became the leitmotif of prestigious fashion shows in Kiev and Moscow, and in the near future it is going to be a new fashion-project in Warsaw and Stockholm.  His memorable performances  often decorate private parties of business leaders, influential politicians and key representatives of the diplomatic corps of the state. Services 1) Representations culture of Ukraine in the best modern traditions. 2) The spectacular show program 3) Modern choreography from the best dancers in Ukraine 4) The excellent reputation 5) The concert program for the events of any format 6) Unique duet with sax, piano, vocal and world ethnic instruments. Also glad to offer you Creation of original sound tracks for films, plays, commercials and participation in the recording soundtracks for professional performers. Master classes and private lessons (for the residents of state WA.  Advice and assistance in buying and selling banduras.